5 Things You Will Not Get with Mail-Order Orthodontics

At Johnson Orthodontics, we understand the importance of getting your money’s worth. With so many options available in the world of dentistry, it can be hard to know what resources are best to get your dream smile. The recent trend in patients opting to go with mail-order orthodontics is an example of the many avenues one can take to get a great smile. While mail-order orthodontics can make many aspects of our lives much more convenient, there are a lot of services you don’t get when you choose mail-order as an option. The team at Johnson Orthodontics wants to give you all the correct information so you can make the best treatment plan. This post will review the service differences between mail-order orthodontists and full-service orthodontists. 

What Exactly Is Mail-Order Orthodontics?

Recently, companies have started popping up that offer to straighten your teeth entirely from home without needing to go to a dentist’s office. The treatment is designed for minor to moderate tooth correction, such as spaces between teeth, crowding and rotations. Patients who have missing teeth, implants or wisdom teeth can also have their cases evaluated to determine if they are a candidate for the treatment. It sounds like a tempting offer, but don’t be fooled; mail-order aligners can be dangerous and might even damage your teeth rather than fixing them.

Generally, a mail-order alignment company will ask you to mail in an impression of your teeth. If you’re approved for the process, aligners will be made from the impression provided. They will then be sent to you at home with instructions on how to wear them. These mail-order alignment trays are designed to straighten your teeth at a professional level for half the price. But the teeth straightening process is complicated, so dental professionals need specific certification to become qualified dentists. If a company boasts that you can get straight teeth without ever setting foot in a dentist’s office, you should be cautious.

1. Customized Care

One of the major advantages of having an orthodontist is the personal care you receive. Most treatment plans with orthodontists are specific and detailed to each patient. This allows the doctor to learn your individual needs and tendencies to ensure the most effective treatment possible. With an orthodontist, you can ensure that the information comes from a certified professional with hands-on experience with your unique oral care. Mail-in can’t replicate catering to your personal needs. With main-in orthodontics, you’re at the mercy of outside resources that may or may not be reliable. That can be a considerable risk when dealing with orthodontics. 

Treatment options for mail-in orthodontics are generally limited compared to an in-person orthodontist. Mail-order companies don’t have the luxury of offering customizable straightening options; you’ll often only have one treatment option, regardless of your dental needs. Remember, there are many more treatment options than what mail-order companies can offer.

l Not Get with Mail-Order Orthodontics2. Step-By-Step Treatment Plan

Since mail-in orthodontics can’t provide specific recommendations,  You don’t know the accuracy of each tool and how they vary between companies. This can hurt your treatment process. When you work with a dentist in person, they will be able to give you a treatment plan that’s designed just for you. A proper treatment plan requires check-ins and updates with your dentist, allowing consistency in your routine in order to ensure the most effective treatment. 

3. Treatment Maintenance

Regular check-ups are an essential step of the treatment process for each orthodontic patient. These visits occur as often as your treatment requires, so doctors will use this time to observe how your teeth are moving and make any necessary adjustments. 

Mail-order ortho companies can’t provide any supervision, leaving you in charge of your treatment. Invisalign aligners may fit poorly, causing irritation and pain. An improper fit may also move the teeth too quickly or faster than expected. With no orthodontist involved, problems may go unnoticed, causing damage to your bite and overall oral health. 

4. Tips & Resources 

Today’s dental technology uses advanced scanners, x-rays, and more to ensure your orthodontist knows your teeth from top to bottom. This helps them give you the precise treatment you need. Technology and the tools used by mail-in companies are usually not as advanced, resulting in longer treatment times and unanswered patient questions.

5. Set Backs

When you use limited technology and don’t have access to a qualified dentist, you can experience negative consequences that could set you back rather than improve your smile. From the beginning of the mail-order process, you are required to make your own teeth impressions —and if you get that wrong in any way, the rest of your treatment will be based on imperfect impressions. 

A mismatched aligner can erode your gums and shift your teeth out of position, which can be painful as well as expensive to fix. The danger of using mail-order aligners to avoid going to the orthodontist’s office is that you might end up spending even more time and money later to repair the damage!

l Not Get with Mail-Order OrthodonticsSet Your Next Appointment With Johnson Orthodontics

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