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Welcome to Johnson Orthodontics, the go-to destination for top-notch orthodontic care in Bethany Beach! Serving patients of all ages in Bethany Beach, Milford, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, and nearby areas, we offer a range of solutions like traditional and ceramic braces to help you attain the perfect smile and jaw alignment.

Braces treatment with your local expert

Before embarking on your orthodontic journey, our dedicated team will gather digital x-rays, photographs, and dental impressions to tailor a treatment plan that meets your unique needs. Dr. Johnson will expertly position your brackets and insert a specialized wire to exert precise pressure on the teeth requiring adjustment. Through a technique known as remodeling, this pressure facilitates gradual tooth movement into their ideal positions. We strongly advise using a retainer post-treatment to maintain your newly aligned smile.

What your Bethany Beach braces expert offers

Modern braces have evolved to offer superior results. We provide a diverse array of effective treatments capable of addressing a wide range of dental issues, from minor to severe. Traditional metal braces are often more efficient at closing gaps and aligning teeth, thus reducing your overall treatment duration. They also offer a budget-friendly solution for cost-conscious patients. The enduring effectiveness of traditional braces explains their continued popularity as the leading orthodontic treatment.


The most common type of braces is the tried-and-true traditional metal braces system. These braces employ metal brackets and archwires to align your teeth. Contemporary metal braces are not only more comfortable but also customizable—you can opt for colored elastics to add a splash of individuality to your treatment. For those seeking a less conspicuous look, clear or tooth-colored elastics are also available.


Ceramic braces offer another excellent alternative for teeth straightening. Functionally similar to metal braces, they feature brackets made of transparent ceramic material. This option is particularly favored by our older teen and adult clientele due to its discreet nature. However, given their larger and more fragile brackets, ceramic braces are generally not recommended for younger patients and are more commonly used on upper front teeth.

With traditional braces, you'll notice significant improvements in a short period, boosting your confidence in your smile and the orthodontic process.

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At Johnson Orthodontics, we're committed to delivering personalized, high-quality care for optimal outcomes and a rewarding orthodontic experience. Our proficient team employs cutting-edge methods and the latest technology to offer efficient and comfortable treatments that will transform your smile and your life.

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