Navigating Changes: Smile Direct Club’s Closure

You may have heard that Smile Direct Club, the well-known telehealth oral care company, shut down in December with no notice to their thousands of clear aligner patients. If you were one of the many people abandoned without the care you need to continue your smile journey and you are unsure where to turn, Johnson Orthodontics is here for you! You can count on our friendly team to provide you with the expert and affordable care you deserve to restart your treatment.


Who Should You See For an Appointment? 

While some dentists offer teeth realignment services, we advise you to visit an orthodontist, like Dr. Johnson, to ensure that your treatment is as effective and efficient as possible. Orthodontists have undergone additional training, specializing in realigning teeth and jawbones and can spot issues before becoming severe. 

They can also treat potential complications from paused treatment, such as jaw pain and bone loss. If an orthodontist is not overseeing your treatment, you may need to begin the process all over again in the future. We recommend that you discontinue your current plan until your free consultation with us. 


Schedule Your Free Consultation with Dr. Johnson

The first step in recovering your treatment is to be seen by Dr. Johnson for a free orthodontic consultation. Unfortunately, we are not able to access any old records from Smile Direct Club, so our team will need to take new scans in order to best create your new treatment plan. However, be sure to let us know if you are a previous Smile Direct Club patient so we can better understand how to address your needs. 

Learning More About Your Teeth

During this commitment-free appointment, Dr. Johnson and our team will begin with a visual examination of your teeth. 

We will also take a digital impression with the help of an iTero element scanner. These scans allow us to make more comfortable and better-fitting appliances for you throughout treatment. We encourage you to bring in a recent x-ray from your dentist within the past six months if you have one available. If not, we will happily take an updated one for you. 

Dr. Johnson takes each of these examinations, along with past dental and health records, into account while creating your new treatment plan to provide you with an efficient and effective route for you to continue your smile journey.

We Value Your Trust In Us

We understand you may be reluctant to trust a new team with your teeth after being dropped by Smile Direct Club and their sudden closure. Johnson Orthodontics strives to make each new patient feel comfortable sharing their experience so you are ready to restart treatment stress-free. 

Our team takes your time and trust in us seriously. If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask! Our goal is to help you feel confident in the care we provide and ready to start as soon as possible. 


Same-Day Care

Being left without customer service or direction from Smile Direct Club can be nerve-wracking. Once your questions are answered during your free consultation, our team can begin your treatment on the same day to help streamline your smile journey and keep your teeth as healthy as possible. We want you to make the most of your visit and know you will receive the best orthodontic care possible. 


Smile Direct Club Closure

Do I Need To Choose Clear Aligners Again?

The simple answer is no. Though you used clear aligners with Smile Direct Club, you are not required to choose them again for your treatment with Johnson Orthodontics. In fact, our practice provides more options for you to choose from.

If clear aligners work best for your lifestyle, we can offer a new series of Invisalign trays to continue shifting your teeth into their ideal position. However, if metal or clear braces interest you, Dr. Johnson can happily explain these appliance choices when you come in. 


Meet Dr. Johnson, Our Smile Expert

Known as one of the best experts in the area, Dr. Johnson is passionate about positively changing his patients’ lives and helping them leave as more confident individuals at the end of treatment. He started his practice from scratch to share his decade-plus experience in the field with Rehoboth Beach and the nearby communities. 

Know that you will be working with a team that genuinely values patient relationships and strives to leave everyone with a positive experience they will never forget.


Financing Your Treatment

If you still need to complete payment for Smile Direct Club services, learning more about the finances of your treatment with Johnson Orthodontics is likely on your mind. While we cannot provide a discount for Smile Direct Club patients, our treatment coordinator, Robin, will ensure financing doesn’t stand in the way of choosing treatment with us.  

Flexible Payment Options

Johnson Orthodontics offers flexible payment plans, third-party financing options, discounts when payment is made in full at the start of treatment, and low monthly installments to fit your budget. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as forms of payment. Our team will walk you through your options during your free consultation.

The Role of Dental Insurance 

If you used your dental insurance benefits with Smile Direct Club, we are unable to promise that insurance will once again cover your new treatment plan with us. However, Johnson Orthodontics can still accept patients without dental insurance or a referral from their dentist to learn more about their needs. We are also happy to check with your insurance provider to see what they will cover and what may be an out-of-pocket cost. You can contact our front desk to determine if our office accepts your policy.


Smile Direct Club Closure

Start Anew with Johnson Orthodontics!

We hope this guide has helped ease your mind and answer your questions about how to restart your smile journey with resources you can rely on. Johnson Orthodontics proudly provides expert services to Rehoboth Beach and the surrounding communities and has been doing so since 2010. 

Contact us today if you still have concerns or want clarification on anything. Our friendly staff is happy to assist you with your next steps.